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Retaining Subscribers With Better Payment Options, Pause Features

Retaining Subscribers With Better Payments

The coronavirus is causing a large economic downturn and pushing consumers to curb their spending wherever possible, while subscription plans are now on the chopping block. But the ability to pause plans, among other subscription features, may go a long way toward changing their minds. Consumers might also keep their subscriptions if prices are kept low, or if plans provide better payment options. All this, Today in Data.


167M: Number of subscription service consumers in the U.S.

37.1 percent: Share of education and training subscribers who would like to use pause features.

25.4 percent: Share of consumers who are very or extremely likely to cancel their subscriptions would use pause features if available.

14.6 percent: Portion of subscribers who are considering canceling because they can no longer afford their subscription.

9.2 percent: Share of consumers who would keep their subscriptions if offered better payment options.