Innovative Approaches To Retail And Banking 


Carvana set a number of records for its last quarter and full year, but the used car seller posted a bigger-than-expected loss from quick growth as it struggles to keep up with demand. In retail, Walmart is looking to win customers by wooing businesses as Amazon Prime’s lead shrinks. And in banking, a number of credit unions have had to readjust their innovation strategies to put the focus on touchless payments. All this, Today in Data.


194M: Number of Americans who are aware of contactless payments.

64.3%: Share of U.S. consumers who were Amazon Prime subscribers as of the first week of January.

29%: Portion of credit union execs who are interested in developing virtual cards.

$3.4K: Carvana’s approximate total gross profit per unit (GPU).

$1.8B: Carvana’s revenues for the fourth quarter of 2020.