Airbnb Intros Safety Advisory Coalition

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Digital lodging marketplace Airbnb debuted a Trust & Safety Advisory Coalition (TSAC) to advise the company, give people a feeling of protection while traveling and promote a reliable experience before, during and after a trip. 

Comprised of 22 industry organizations, the TSAC will advise Airbnb about community policies, products, support, resources and training, according to a press release on Friday (May 13). Airbnb is planning to grow the coalition in the coming years, according to a blog post.

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“We know that having subject matter experts share their expertise with our teams helps us facilitate a positive environment for our Hosts and guests. We know we are not the experts on important issues like fire safety, or suicide prevention, or human trafficking – bringing experts to the table makes our community and platform better,” according to the post. 

The TSAC held its initial in-person meeting in March in Washington D.C. and plans to get together quarterly to brainstorm and deliver progress reports. The members will exchange ideas about trust and safety in between the meetings.

Last week, the coalition also met at the Vital Voices headquarters in Washington, D.C., a global embassy for women, to discuss safety both on and off Airbnb’s platform.

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Airbnb’s latest earnings are above pre-pandemic levels and the work from home culture has prompted people to stay at the platform’s properties for longer periods. Headed into the summer quarter, the company has booked 30% more nights since 2019.

Since the coalition launched, Airbnb has collaborated with member organizations on policy updates, training programs, and educational resources. Updates have included information about preventing online fraud, installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and pool safety for children.