Amazon And PayPal Users Accounts Unaffected By Heartbleed Bug

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3:00 AM EST April 11th, 2014

PayPal also posted a blog advising users that there was no need to take additional action or change passwords.

“While we always advise our customers to be cautious and aware of the security of their personal and financial information, in this case we want to reassure you there is no need to be unduly concerned. When you login to PayPal using your user name and password these details were not exposed to the OpenSSL vulnerability,” the company stated.

CTO of 3dcart, Jimmy Rodriguez says that the best thing merchants can do to protect their online store from the Heartbleed bug is to ensure that their eCommerce solution provider is PCI compliant.
“Any merchant using open source shopping carts like OS Commerce and Magento can be at risk because even though the software itself may not be a problem, the hosting environment itself could be responsible for causing the security breach,” said Rodriguez.

“Part of being a PCI compliant hosting provider includes making sure that the operating system software is constantly updated, and that someone at the organization is constantly on the lookout for new security updates, as new ones appear on a regular basis. While companies will constantly test their software, and release patches, the hosting environment itself needs to be constantly monitored as well.”

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  • Philip Cohen

    PayPal: “The [un]safe way to pay and be paid” …

    “How to complain about PayPal in the UK”

    On this article, (currently) 410 negative readers’ comments on “PreyPal”—well worth a read for any small merchant using, or thinking of using, “PreyPal” to accept payments and who has not as yet had a problem with “PreyPal” because, when you do eventually have that problem, it could well be a serious business-threatening problem …

    “PayPal: ‘Aggressive changes’ coming to frozen funds policy”

    Of the 368 readers’ comments currently on this article, see if you can find any that are complimentary of “PreyPal” …

    And, just for fun, another story from Anna Tims of the Guardian/Observer detailing an apparent systems failure at “PreyPal” that undoubtedly affected who knows how many people …

    And another story from Anna Tims demonstrating eBay’s unconscionable lack of fair transaction mediation and hard-wired bias towards buyers; 324 readers’ comments on this story; see if you can find any that are complimentary of eBay …

    And another story from the New York Times’ Haggler column …

    “Anyone rushing out to load PayPal onto their phone might want to stop and read The New York Times Haggler column from Sunday. PayPal apparently generates a huge percentage of The Haggler’s traffic.—Tom Groenfeldt, Forbes

    “If PayPal isn’t the most reviled online company in the country, which is? The Haggler invites reader suggestions for this unhappy title, but before you write in, consider the sheer quantity of animosity that PayPal inspires. There are anti-PayPal Facebook sites, anti-PayPal YouTube tirades, PayPal-loathing Twitter accounts and more than 550 complaints about PayPal on”

    And (yet) another negative “PreyPal” story; also well worth a read …

    “PayPal (Owned by eBay) is symptomatic of the Achilles heel of online commercial ventures today that leave users in distressed states of helplessness. An innocent trust given in good faith by a user is not reflected back by the service provider, in fact it is abused and taken advantage of.” …

    And another quite typical “PreyPal” horror story, ultimately “fixed” …

    “… I know it is child’s play to get creative with a graphics program and manufacture what may apparently look like a utility bill with someone’s name on it. Not that I would do such a thing which probably breaks all sorts of anti-terrorism laws and would subject the perpetrator to drone bombings and/or water-boarding. You know things have gotten out of hand when honest people have to lie just to get around the impossible [PayPal] bureaucracy.”

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