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2:19 PM EST February 7th, 2013

Here are our top five tweets from the week that was. Keep tweeting, and we may feature you next Friday.

@BC_PYMNTS: So excited to announce @TheLevelUp’s participation in #IP2013! Lots of exciting reveals from them coming next week so stay tuned!

It’s best to start Top Five Tweets off with perhaps our most topical news: LevelUp is going to be playing a big role in the Innovation Project 2013, and we’re excited to have them onboard again this year! Winners of IP 2012’s “Best Newcomer” award, LevelUp is returning in an attempt to collect even more hardware this year, and I’m not betting against them. We’ll have more news on their participation in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for updates!

Read the original tweet here.

@cbarsell: Really?! iPhone users may need microloans? Flip.it/NoCzi via @PYMNTS #Apple #mBanking

Cherise raises an interesting point about this story we covered, reporting that Apple has a patent in the works that could turn iTunes into a partial microloan/ATM-like tool. A brief summary of the system: iTunes users can request a small amount of cash from other iTunes users in the area if ATMs are not around, which would be automatically deducted from their accounts. The system would be more about convenience than a true loan system, but, like Cherise, I have questions about how much this would appeal to the iPhone demographic.

Read the original tweet here.

@stevekovach: I bought a Facebook card with my Amazon Coins to buy bitcoins.

This made me laugh, as Steve get’s very meta with this tweet, planning a virtual/alternate currency spree that would likely leave anyone without an econ major rather confused. Facebook is more of a prepaid/stored value option than an alternate currency, and Amazon’s 1:1 coin/cent ratio makes it easier to understand than the ever-fluctuating Bitcoin. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the reductio ad absurdum elements of virtual payments expressed here.

Read the original tweet here.

@tpbrown5: Check out @pymnts re #Apple Ca Supreme Court victory ow.ly/hvof1, #ericgoldman has some thoughts as well lnkd.in/6WRpTC 

We thank Tom Brown, an attorney at Paul Hastings LLP, for his take on what a recent California Supreme Court’s decision on Apple’s right to ask for personal information could mean for the broader eCommerce industry. Even if legal jargon isn’t your thing, Tom did a great job breaking this down in a way everyone can understand, and it’s definitely worth the read. The potential payments ramifications are huge as well.

Read the original tweet here.

@bgilpatrick: Top tweet 411 from @PYMNTS: communic-ate, contempl-ate, situ-ate, itellectu-ate, winky-ate. Tinyurl.com/afxdynd

Brenda offers up a perfect summation of our Top Five Tweets from last week, in which I exemplified the easiest and best ways to have your 140 character quips featured on PYMNTS.com. If you’re wondering why you didn’t make the cut this week – or why you want to in the future – check it out here.

Or, as Brenda suggests, just wink at me on twitter.

Read the original tweet here.

Have a good weekend, and keep tweeting! 

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