UX Company Quadient Debuts Cloud-Based Automated AR YayPay in France

Quadient, YayPay, AR, France

Quadient, which works on making customer connections via digital and physical channels, announced Tuesday (May 10) that it is launching its cloud-based intelligent accounts receivable (AR) solution YayPay in France.

This will automate the AR process from “credit to cash application,” per the release. The expansion comes after the rollout of the Quadient AP automation solution Beanworks in France and the U.K.

YayPay’s predictive analytics engine is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. It provides insights on payer behavior and how it impacts cash flow, along with using dynamic dashboards and process automation, cutting down on outstanding receivables and day sales outstanding.

The release noted that a survey of French businesses found that 26% of respondents said their most time-consuming task was managing disputes and outstanding invoices.

YayPay was acquired by Quadient in 2020, and is now part of its cloud-based Intelligent Communication Automation (ICA) platforms, bringing together customer communications management, financial automation, customer journey mapping and document automation.

“As part of our Back to Growth strategy, we continue to invest in our ICA SaaS solutions, and I am delighted we are launching the YayPay solution in France,” said Geoffrey Godet, Quadient CEO. “This is another significant step in the development of our international footprint in cloud-based financial and communication automation solutions.

“With YayPay and our other ICA solutions, we are supporting our customers and ready to help all businesses in a strong regulatory environment that is accelerating their digital transformation.”

In late 2021, Quadient collaborated with Flywire, using YayPay to extend Flywire’s digital payment solution to B2B clients.

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The company said as YayPay’s international footprint had grown, the company identified a need to provide seamless cross-border payments. At the time, Quadient said its customers would enjoy “flexible and dynamic” payment solutions to help out with payment settling in numerous countries.