Startup Wants Alexa To Tuck You In At Night

Helix Sleep Mattress

Sleep tech startup Eight has launched a new Alexa skill that allows users to interact with their mattress, both to control it (by adjusting the temperature, for example) and to access their sleep data using the Echo and other Amazon devices.

“You don’t even need to touch your phone – you can just ask Alexa how you slept,” CEO Matteo Franceschetti told TechCrunch. “Or you can ask Alexa to start warming your bed and Alexa will do it automatically for you.”

This isn’t the company’s first way to connect its products to the broader smart home ecosystem. It also sells a sleep tracker that fits over any mattress and instantly turns it into a smart bed. Users can review their sleep data, use the dual-zone warming feature for an extra cozy bed and connect to almost any Wi-Fi-enabled device. Plus, Eight’s mattresses feature daily sleep reports, built-in bed warming, a smart alarm and smart home integration – even without Alexa.

for Eight’s lineup of smart mattresses starts at $699.