Hyundai Partners With Amazon For Digital Showroom

Hyundai has announced a partnership with Amazon to create a digital showroom where customers can experience all phases of shopping for a new car.

The service is directly offered through Amazon Vehicles, while the new digital showroom can be found at

“The car industry is changing, and customer demands and expectations around a frictionless, efficient and transparent experience are key drivers,” Dean Evans, CMO, Hyundai Motor America, said in a press release. “Hyundai Shopper Assurance was just the first step in modernizing the way people shop for and buy cars. We are excited to continue improving the automotive retail experience by offering tools and access that make shopping for a car even easier.”

Hyundai’s Amazon showroom takes potential car buyers on a journey, starting with a “brand experience” page highlighting the latest in Hyundai technology and innovation. Customers can then search for a car based on their preferences and buying habits, as well as read reviews and more.

“This collaboration with Amazon provides customers with the ability to learn about Hyundai vehicles in a way that matches their expectations for nearly every other type of purchase,” said Tim Maxwell, senior group manager, digital marketing, Hyundai Motor America. “Hyundai and its dealers are modernizing the car buying process, so it made sense for us to be the first car company with its own digital showroom.”

Customers can also click through directly to to access Shopper Assurance conveniences, including transparent pricing, scheduling test drives, purchase options, locating a dealer, and benefiting from a three day worry-free exchange.

“We’re thrilled to continue collaborating with Hyundai on new programs that work back from customers to provide the ease of discovery and research they’ve come to expect with Amazon – in this case, enabling them to easily explore Hyundai’s full vehicle line, read reviews from other Hyundai owners, schedule a test drive and more, all within one destination,” said Jeremi Gorman, director of global field sales for Amazon Media Group.



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