Amazon Launches Live Streaming Video-Shopping Service

Amazon Launches Live Streaming Video Shopping Service

Amazon has launched a brand new video streaming service called Amazon Live, according to reports.

The service features live shows from Amazon’s talent pool and also from brands through an app called the Amazon Live Creator.

Shows on the service operate much like QVC does, with hosts talking about and demonstrating Amazon products. Under the video, customers can view product details and buy things.

Multiple streams run at the same time, so customers can decide which ones fit them the best. The service is new, but it’s not the first time Amazon has dabbled in live streaming. About two years ago, it ran a short-lived program called Style Code Live, which was strictly about style and beauty tips. 

Amazon Live is not as narrow. It talks about and features a multitude of different products, from home goods to toys to electronics and more.

Amazon has also live-streamed during important company events, like Prime Day for the last two years, and also on its Today’s Deals page. The company has also let brands stream too, which is what it’s doing with the Amazon Live Creator offering.

Amazon even has a web page encouraging brands to stream live, and instructions on how to do it.

“Creating a live stream is easy. First, download the Amazon Live Creator iOS mobile app. Once you have installed the app, you can stream your video content on on desktop, mobile, and Amazon’s mobile app. You can stream directly from your phone camera or through an encoder using a professional camera. Follow these steps and livestream today,” the company said.

One customer, a card maker for the game “Watch Ya’ Mouth” said, “Live streaming has helped increase daily visits to our product detail page by 5x and significantly grew our sales.”   

The app is currently only available on iOS, and allows streaming content directly to within the mobile app, on mobile and on desktop.

Amazon’s new app comes as QVC has just released a new video shopping app.



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