Bitcoin Daily: New Task Force To Standardize Crypto Numbering; Commerzbank Moves Complete Securities Transaction Using DLT

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The Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA) announced the launch of a new task force that will look into the identification of digital assets.

The Technology Task Force on Digital Assets will assess the role and scope of International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs) in respect to digital asset identification, as well as recommend the potential benefits of creating guidelines for the assignment of ISINs.

“With digital assets emerging as a new investment class, the availability of quality, standardized reference data will serve as the foundation for a trusted token market. As the registration authority for the ISIN, ANNA has been responsible for evolving the ISIN standard through its work to benefit the industry at large. As a result, ISINs are issued today in more than 200 jurisdictions worldwide, enabling efficient global cross-border trading and improved transparency. We hope that this task force will ensure that we continue to utilize the ISIN standard wherever we can be sure it will be of most use to the industry. This evaluation process on digital assets is an important part of that journey,” Uwe Meyer, executive director and secretariat at ANNA, said in a press release.

In other news, Commerzbank, Deutsche Börse and MEAG revealed that they successfully completed the settlement of a legally binding secondary market securities transaction via tokens. In addition, Commerzbank used the tokenized cash as collateral at Eurex Clearing as central counterparty.

“This is an important joint effort in further exploring the potential of distributed ledger technology for the financial services industry. By combining multiple use cases within these transactions, we have broadened the scope of applications where the market can benefit from possible standards in this new technology. Our goal is to foster our role as financial infrastructure provider of choice,” Jens Hachmeister, head of new markets at Deutsche Börse Group, said in a press release.