PayPal, Kiva Team To Launch New Tools For Small Business Month

PayPal has announced the launch of its inaugural PayPal Small Business Month, aimed at bringing a new level of engagement to small and underserved businesses and their communities.

Throughout the month of May, PayPal will be working with non-profits, trade associations and other companies on events and workshops that focus on empowering small businesses and helping them find new ways to expand.

“We want to share what we’ve learned from our 19 million merchants – most of whom are small businesses – and help them learn from each other in order to succeed,” the company said in a statement.

PayPal will be hosting and sponsoring a variety of events with organizations that prioritize small business communities, including the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, Bunker Labs, Kiva, SharpHeels and Walker’s Legacy.

The events will take place in Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Minneapolis, Omaha, Oakland, Portland (Ore.), Washington D.C. and more locations, including workshops that will educate small business owners on issues such as securing financing, leveraging digital tools to enable growth and sharing ways to compete globally.

“We will also create a space to enable thoughtful discussions on how to improve the small business experience and address the barriers that continue to impede entrepreneurial success. Along with our partners, we will highlight the major opportunities for small businesses in the digital economy while identifying positive policies that can encourage growth,” the company added.

PayPal just announced new study findings showing that PayPal Checkout converts at 88.7 percent – 82 percent higher than a checkout without PayPal and 60 percent higher than other digital wallets.

“We are continually working to create and democratize the most seamless checkout experiences that enable consumers to quickly and securely get access to the things they want and need, and in turn drive sales for merchants,” the company said in a statement.


Exclusive PYMNTS Study: 

The Future Of Unattended Retail Report: Vending As The New Contextual Commerce, a PYMNTS and USA Technologies collaboration, details the findings from a survey of 2,325 U.S. consumers about their experiences with shopping via unattended retail channels and their interest in using them going forward.