Achieve Launches New Digital Personal Finance Brand

Achieve, personal finance, Freedom Financial Network

Personal finance company Achieve has launched a new suite of offerings this month that is designed to get people on a better financial path, moving them from a position of financial struggle to one that is financially thriving, according to a press release Thursday (Sept. 22).

Achieve is combining innovative technology with a relationship-driven approach, per the release. The company said its solutions support a consumer’s entire financial journey, including personal loans, debt resolution, home equity loans and financial tools and education.

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Co-founded by co-CEOs Andrew Housser and Brad Stroh, Achieve is a subsidiary of the Freedom Financial Network, which they also founded. The Network has served more than 1 million consumers since 2002, according to the release.

“When we founded our company, it was based on the realization that the vast majority of financial services companies were not focused on helping consumers better manage their debts or who were dealing with financial setbacks,” said Housser. “It was clear to us then that a new approach was needed.

“The traditional financial system and most consumer fintechs still cater to the wealthiest people with pristine credit histories. We understand that life isn’t always a best-case scenario, which is why we built Achieve to be the leader in digital personal finance for everyday people.”

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Achieve said it has a people-first approach that uses data and artificial intelligence to personalize solutions and give each member a “clear path” to follow along their financial journey.

“For 20 years, we’ve been a financial services leader with heart that has helped consumers take charge of their financial lives,” said Stroh. “As we become Achieve, we’ll continue our empathetic approach to understanding and supporting our members and their unique situations, personalized solutions and their path to a better financial future.”