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ROTH Capital Partners Releases Millennial Mom Study

What do you get when you ask 1,000 millennial moms 126 questions about their shopping habits?

The answer is a slew of interesting information. That’s according to ROTH Capital Partners, which just released its fifth annual Millennial Mom Survey, which takes a look at trends and spending habits across five different categories.

Full-service investment bank ROTH Capital Partners annually focuses the survey on infant and juvenile products; food and grocery; dining and restaurants; healthy and active lifestyle; and apparel and accessories.

Some key findings may be surprising; some not so much.

Did you know the majority of millennial moms own at least two (and up to five) pairs of yoga pants? How about that about 60 percent are likely to write a restaurant review after dining at a local restaurant? Or how about that 53 percent of them are Amazon Prime members?

The online payments element of the survey is particularly interesting.

“Not surprisingly, roughly 32 percent of spending by the millennial mom now occurs online, but more than 80 percent of her purchases are in some way influenced by the internet,” said David M. King, CFA, senior research analyst at ROTH. “Winning brands will be those that successfully exploit the new path to purchase through eDistribution models and the leveraging of digital influencers and original content.”

One last interesting statistic born out of the study: 90 percent of these moms are comfortable with brands communicating with them via their mobile device while they shop in a brick-and-mortar store.



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