Coronavirus Refunds: Amica Insurance Unveils COVID-19 Reimbursement Program

Amica Insurance Unveils COVID-19 Reimbursement Program

As the pandemic continues to disrupt everyday life the world over, many consumers want refunds on things they paid for but aren’t able to use. Insurance firms are refunding a portion of their customers’ monthly auto premiums.

Amica Insurance unveiled a COVID-19 Auto Refund Program that will reimburse as much as 10 percent of a client’s monthly auto premiums over a four-month timeframe, with regulatory approval pending, according to an announcement. New clients that buy auto policies from the company prior to the conclusion of the year will also take part in the initiative.

The effort comes after the COVID-19 Auto Premium Relief Program that offered a 20 percent reimbursement on two months of auto premiums for current customers. “In total, existing customers are receiving up to six months of support,” according to the announcement.

Amica Chairman President and CEO Robert A. DiMuccio said in the announcement, “While we've seen an increase in auto losses as drivers have begun returning to the roads, losses for the year so far remain lower than we had planned.” DiMuccio continued, “We anticipate that trend will continue, and we're pleased to announce this additional round of support through the COVID-19 Auto Refund Program.”