Wirex Spreads ‘Crypto Cheer’ With $1M Token Holiday Giveaway


To kick off the festive season, digital payments service Wirex has announced what the company calls its “biggest giveaway to date,” paying out up to $1 million worth of Wirex Token (WXT) this Christmas through a series of daily promotions in the month of December.

The Wirex Advent Calendar campaign, which ends Dec. 24, aims to attract new people looking to invest in cryptocurrency but is also open to Wirex users worldwide who can sign up, make purchases and exchange cryptocurrency to earn more benefits during the 24-day campaign.

Other promotions include rewards for deposits, transactions, and card activations, up to 4% crypto-back rewards on all online and in-store purchases made with Wirex card, and bonuses for purchasing certain tokens such as bitcoin, Ethereum and Dogecoin. And on the last day of the giveaway, users earn double rewards for WXT purchases, with the possibility of receiving 100 EUR/USD in WXT for token purchases worth over 500 EUR/USD.

Commenting on the limited-time bonuses, Wirex Co-founder and CEO Pavel Matveev said, “2021 has been a hugely successful year for Wirex, having welcomed over 600,000 more customers to our platform, and made our mark on the DeFi industry with the launch of X-Accounts.”

To thank its customers for their loyalty, Matveev added that the leading payments firm wants “to show our appreciation with a month of seasonal promotions for any actions they take and spread the crypto cheer before what we know will be another hugely exciting year for Wirex and our users.”

In June, the borderless payment platform launched its X-Accounts feature that enables customers to earn up to 16% interest back on their funds at zero cost, with the ability to withdraw funds at any time and with no minimum deposit requirement. Since then, the offering has been expanded to an additional 81 countries with the company’s recent Vietnam launch, leading to over $70 million being moved into 68,000-plus separate X-Accounts.

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The licensed FinTech company was also the first crypto company to provide debit cards directly to its customers through an initiative rolled out in 2015. In a recent interview with PYMNTS on the initiative, Matveev said that there was a noticeable increase in cryptocurrency use among its customers following its launch in 2014.

He also observed a growing interest among debit card companies looking to partner with cryptocurrencies that could lead to larger banks and merchants offering the disruptive payment method as part of their offerings down the road.

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In March, the company launched a multicurrency Mastercard debit card in the U.K. and European Economic Area (EEA), along with a new reward program, Wirex X-tras.

As PYMNTS reported at the time, the program is an extension of the company rewards scheme, allowing a new subscription upgrade in which users can access X-tras including up to 2% crypto back on any in-store or online purchase made through the Wirex card. The company is known to be Mastercard’s first crypto-native service.

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Today, Wirex boasts 4.5 million customers across 130 countries who can store, buy, exchange and sell over 150 traditional and cryptocurrencies on its digital platform. The company also launched the world’s first crypto rewards scheme, Cryptoback, which rewards users each time they make an in-store or online payment worldwide using the Wirex card.

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The global firm also intends to increase its stablecoin offering on the platform in the coming weeks to increase trading options for its customers.