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Somos Unveils IoT Identity Managment Service for Boosting Cybersecurity Defenses

Somos Unveils IoT Identity Managment Service for Cybersecurity

Somos unveiled an Internet of Things identity management service designed to safeguard businesses’ IoT assets.

The new SomosID aims to provide businesses with a registry for their IoT assets, enhancing visibility and fortifying their cybersecurity defenses, the provider of identity management, fraud prevention and data services said in a Wednesday (Feb. 14) press release.

“The growth of IoT technologies has undeniably improved efficiency across numerous industries,” Sri Ramachandran, senior vice president and chief technology officer at Somos, said in the release. “With that, however, it has also significantly expanded the attack surface for cybercriminals.”

IoT devices, crucial for modern connectivity, have become vulnerable entry points for malicious activities online, contributing to a portion of cyber threats, according to the release. IoT devices account for 8% of fixed broadband network infections, yet they represent 88% of all attack traffic and over 40% of all distributed denial-of-service incidents.

The lack of transparency surrounding IoT devices and their management poses a concern, the release said. With various supply, management and communications partners involved, accountability for security becomes blurred. Traditional perimeter security approaches are also proving inadequate in safeguarding against IoT-related threats.

SomosID provides transparency, giving enterprises increased visibility into the activities and management of their IoT assets and bolstering their IoT ecosystem, per the release.

SomosID equips businesses with the necessary tools to track an IoT asset’s identity and technical attributes, including hardware and software bill of materials, certifications and vulnerabilities, according to the release. This information is continuously updated throughout the asset’s lifecycle, enabling owners to monitor their assets’ state and receive vulnerability alerts in real time.

“By providing a detailed inventory of IoT assets and real-time vulnerability notifications, SomosID empowers owners to secure and manage their IoT assets with confidence,” Ramachandran said in the release.

IoT is one of the industry 4.0 solutions that are driving the industrial era of connectivity, advanced analytics and automation, Prateek Kathpal, president and CEO of SymphonyAI Industrial, told PYMNTS in an interview posted in December.

“The Industrial 4.0 revolution was based on digitization, and it’s starting to mature now,” Kathpal said.