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PYMNTS’ Daily Data Dive: Mobile Payments Vs. Voice Call Payments

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Telephones have seen a myriad of changes over the past few decades. Arguably one of the more interesting ones is the ability to make payments. While smartphones have certainly made this easier through the use of mobile wallets, the world of processing payments via good old-fashioned voice calls still exists and is quite profitable.

With giants like Apple moving into new territories like Taiwan and Samsung’s new partnership with Visa Checkout, it can be tough to determine if the voice call market is likely to succeed.

Here are the numbers:

$446 billion | Revenue made through live-person calls to process payments

$346 billion | Retail eCommerce revenue

34 billion | High-value calls with a live person to process payments

240 million | Number of Samsung Pay transactions globally

870 | Number of global banks processing Samsung Pay

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