Facebook Surpasses Five Million Advertisers Mark

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The world of targeted advertising just got a little bit bigger.

Along with its updated suite of advertisement services, social media giant Facebook is planning to announce it has surpassed the five million milestone mark for number of monthly advertisers.

The new offerings for advertisers are meant to help lure more businesses over to the company’s mobile platform. Given that 50 percent of Facebook’s advertisers choose to create ads specific to mobile devices, 90 percent of users access the site via mobile and 84 percent of ad revenue is mobile, this focus on the company’s mobile offering for advertisers is likely a welcomed addition for future companies investing their dollars.

Competing on the world stage for global advertising dominance, Facebook’s projected online ad spending combined with Alphabet’s Google equals approximately 46 percent, according to eMarketer’s research. Facebook’s advertising power has certainly bloomed over the past year, with three million monthly advertisers last March climbing to four million in September.

In addition to audience targeting, mobile design studio access and online courses, Facebook’s new ad suite update includes a “one click” option to re-establish high-performing ads and a new way to manage customer messages.

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