Facebook’s Workplace Launches Workplace For Good To Support Nonprofits, Schools

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Workplace, the enterprise communications app owned by Facebook, announced Wednesday (June 20) that it has launched Workplace For Good, which gives Workplace Premium free to nonprofits and staff at educational institutions around the globe. In a blog post, Workplace said the goal is to help nonprofits and educational institutions create change around the world.

“Over the last 18 months, we’ve seen thousands of nonprofits and educational institutions transform the way they work on our platform. Now we’re matching their commitment to doing good with our own,” said Workplace in the blog. The company said that, in addition to giving nonprofits and educational institutions Workplace for free, it’s investing in a team that will be focused on expanding its efforts in the space, as well as a new online resource center to help organizations take the first step.

According to the company, Workplace provides a solution for nonprofits and educational institutions, which are often faced with resource constraints.

“Whether it’s reporting back from the field in real time with live video, mobilizing a network of volunteers in trouble spots around the world through Groups, or it’s simply accelerating the speed of information through a school district with News Feed, Workplace has empowered organizations like never before and they, in turn, have pushed the product to its limits,” Workplace said.

Among the features, nonprofits and educational institutions will be able to access video chat, a news feed  whereby staff can share information and comment on it  and bots, which automate some of the work these two groups need to get done. Workplace noted that, along with Workplace for Good, it has created a Multi-Company Group on Workplace and is reviewing its commitment to #ImpactCloud, which is a coalition of technology companies including Workplace, Salesforce, Box, Okta, and Microsoft working together to accelerate digital transformation, and impact humanitarian and disaster relief organizations.

Marie Izquierdo, chief academic officer of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, said in the post, “Workplace has been a great addition to the district’s communication and collaboration toolbox. All our employees are contributing to the greater good of the entire organization by sharing ideas, best practices, resources and highlighting their accomplishments.”