New Group Tools Revealed at Facebook Communities Summit Include Money-Making Solutions

Facebook Communities

The Facebook Communities Summit, which took place Thursday (Nov. 4), was focused on advancing group tools to enable money-making, personalization and chat solutions, according to a press release.

Facebook is piloting the ability for group administrators to create community fundraisers for group projects, to offset the costs of managing the group and more, the release stated. Admins can also create paid subgroups that members can subscribe to, and they can sell merchandise created through a shop in their group.

“With different ways to earn or raise money through their groups, admins can tailor their approach to what works best for their community,” Facebook said in the release.

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New custom colors, fonts and post background options are also part of the changes for groups, the release stated. Admins will be able to spotlight certain emojis that relate to the group.

Admins will also have access to feature sets, with preset collections of post formats and badges, as well as the option of adding automated greeting messages, according to the release. Welcome posts are also being overhauled so that admins have more chances to connect with group members.

Community Awards are also being launched to foster in-community engagement, boost post/comment visibility and improve interaction, the release stated.

“These awards encourage engagement, make the content more visible to members and help demonstrate the group’s content at its best,” Facebook said in the release.

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Facebook is also trialing a new subgroup option within groups to give admins the chance to organize distinct subjects into specific categories, the release stated.

When people want to talk in real time, they can use the new Community Chats coming to both Facebook and Messenger, and they can create recurring events for regular get-togethers, either virtually or in person, according to the release.

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