Citi Quick Lock Gives Consumers Debit Card Controls

Citibank has announced news that customers can now utilize the popular Citi Quick Lock feature on their debit cards, enabling them to quickly temporarily freeze their card in order to protect their bank accounts.

Customers can easily lock their debit cards online or via Citibank’s mobile app if a card is misplaced. The Citi Quick Lock feature was first made available to credit card members last year; it ensures that no unauthorized transactions are made while a debit card or credit card is lost or misplaced.

Once a freeze is placed on a debit or credit card, new transactions are blocked while previously approved recurring payments continue without disruption. Customers can unlock their accounts just as quickly if needed.

“Citi is constantly looking for ways to make banking more convenient by connecting with our customers when and how they want to be served, especially with respect to security and protection,” said Elyse Lesley, head of Digital, Client Experience, Marketing & Analytics, US Retail Bank and Mortgage. “Since our customers are increasingly active on mobile or online, we’re giving them another tool to directly control their account activity across the bank.”

Since Citi Quick Lock became available to debit card customers last month, it has been used at an average rate of 900 requests per day. Credit card members have completed more than 1.6 million locks and unlocks since last year.

The addition of Citi Quick Lock to debit cards is part of a suite of new mobile app features that include ATM/Debit Card PIN reset and activation of new or replacement cards; Mobile Check Deposit with increased limits and user experience enhancements and personalized contact information for Citigold Relationship Managers and Citi Personal Wealth Management Advisors.