Fraud Prevention

Trulioo Partners With Acuant To Enhance Online Identity Verification

Trulioo, the global identity and business verification provider announced Tuesday (June 12) that it has partnered with Acuant, a global provider of data capture and identity authentication solutions, to enhance GlobalGateway, its online identity verification marketplace.

In a press release, Trulioo said that, with the partnership, consumers will have a speedy onboarding experience and, at the same time, ensure regulated businesses are adhering to the cross-border anti-money laundering and know your customer (KYC) compliance rules.

“Today’s consumers expect to shop, pay and bank on their mobile devices from anywhere and at any time,” said Stephen Ufford, CEO of Trulioo in the press release. “By partnering with companies like Acuant, businesses have access to reliable global data sources and trusted authentication technologies to instantly verify and authenticate identities online, without compromising convenience or security.”

According to the company, by joining forces, Trulioo's GlobalGateway API electronic identity verification coverage now includes Acuant's AssureID, which offers data capture, auto-fill, document authentication and facial recognition software. Working together, Trulioo said the document authentication and facial recognition, combined with AML/KYC-compliant electronic identity verification, provides an effective identity proofing solution that will help reduce fraud and spot financial crime during the account creation.

Acuant President and CEO Yossi Zekri said in the same press release, “Our partnership with Trulioo will help customers leverage data, analytics and machine learning to quickly verify identities while dramatically reducing fraud. Managing millions of digital transactions every year for billions of people on the planet is a large and complex task. As such, Acuant is constantly updating and expanding its library to reach across not only every U.S. state and Canadian province, but over 190 countries worldwide.”

Trulioo's effort to protect the world isn't always serious business. Late last month, it rolled out a new pop music parody dubbed “Verify You,” set to the tune of the hit single “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. In the parody, Ed Sheeran is “in love with the shape of you,” but Eva is in love with Trulioo more specifically, the protection it gives her against fraudsters who steal her ID at the gym and try to take over her identity. Thanks to Trulioo’s suite of identity verification technologies to power mobile transactions, the fraudsters fail and Eva is able to take back control of her email and payment accounts.



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