Always Be Connected, Always Be Buying

Globally, it’s estimated that 30 billion devices will be connected via wireless within the next half-decade, and commerce thus truly will be always on and always operating. The days of store hours, bank hours, handing plastic over at the register — in short, of limited buying activity — are rapidly filling the rearview mirror.

Those devices may be able to conduct commerce automatically. Consider the advent of sensor technology, which means that, for example, a washing machine can alert owners and schedule repairs before things go seriously on the fritz. Smart devices, thus, can add to convenience and also save owners time and money. The key here is data, gathered well and used wisely. Where there’s data, there’s room for fraud.

Join us at the Innovation Project panel that will take a deep dive into the data, privacy and, yes, commerce issues that surround the automation of transactions beyond our fingertips and even direct involvement. After all, when the machines think for you, who’s thinking for the machines?

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