Commerce Loves The Sound Of Your Voice

Know who loves the sound of your voice even more than you do? Not just your dog, but eCommerce, too.

That’s because consumers can now do amazing things with voice, including enabling instant identification, navigating sites hands-free and even purchasing items. Against that backdrop, voice-activated activity is dictating a whole new arena of developer activity across ecosystems such as Alexa’s. The goal is to provide as seamless an experience as possible across commerce, including, say, finding the best deal on party goods, ordering them in time for your party for delivery and helping you craft the perfect pairing of wine and chicken (oh, and even helping cook the chicken).

Conversational commerce brings with it opportunity but also challenges. Banks and payments firms will have to find a way to get consumers to be brand-conscious in a world where voice-driven activity means that everything is personal and connected and app-driven technology may blur loyalty to a given institution.

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