Getting The Message In Commerce

The age of information is an instant one, populated by email, bitmojis (they can even look like you) and texts, of course. Though the delivery method may change, the result is the same, as communication moves at the speed of thought and light.

Messaging can also create bonds between users and companies, across concrete eCommerce platforms that can extend into the hundreds of millions — and that’s users, not messages. Consider China’s WeChat, which boasts 700 million users, amid a global adoption of messaging apps that measures in the billions (that’s beyond just WeChat, of course).

The implications for eCommerce are enormous. From the WeChat model, it may follow that the closed ecosystem is the way to go. But there are other avenues to pursue that are valid, too. There are chatbots growing by the thousands, working within messaging platforms to foster commerce activity. Is this enough? What else needs to be done? Join us at a panel discussion to be held at the Innovation Project, where we’ll delve into the evolution of chat-enabled commerce, still in its nascent stages, and what its future may bring.

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