Walmart Tests Digitally Enhanced Stores

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Walmart has started trialing new digital services in its Mobile County, Alabama supercenter, including ModiFace, a new device that enables customers to digitally test makeup.

According to a news report in The Island Packet, John Wimsatt, store manager of the Tillman’s Corner Walmart, said there are fewer than five of these makeup and nail polish testers in stores. With the technology, customers can see how nail polish will look when applied and how makeup will look with their skin tones. The new technology is designed to lure more customers to Walmart‘s physical locations.

The Alabama store, which had its grand reopening late last week as a high-tech supercenter, is among the few locations that are getting a redesign with more advanced technologies, noted the report. “This is one of the first stores of its kind in the nation, and we’re thrilled it’s right here in Mobile,” said Wimsatt.

Tillman’s Corner Walmart, located in downtown Mobile, has the second highest volume of all Walmart stores in the state of Alabama, drawing in about 50,000 customers each week. “As the success of this one pans out, then they will probably look to expand this further,” said Wimsatt.

In addition to the digital makeup technology, the store’s other high-tech offerings include a 16-foot pickup tower that is located in the front of the store, which will act as a vending machine where customers can pick up online orders. There are also self-checkout lines and mobile express lanes where customers can pay with the mobile app. Walmart has also installed electronic help buttons to alert workers when customers need assistance.

These moves come as Walmart prepares for the holiday shopping season rush, hoping to boost sales in the wake of fierce competition from Amazon.


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