Samsung Unveils Foldable Phone At Developer Event

Samsung Launches Galaxy Fold Smartphone

Samsung Electronics gave a first look at a foldable phone that has a screen similar to a small tablet on Wednesday (November 7) in California. The electronics company also rolled out technology for its foldable phones called flexible mobile screen technology, Reuters reported.

While the newswire reported that reporters weren’t able to get a close look at the new phone, it did say that a Samsung executive noted that the prototype phone had a diagonal screen size of 7.3 inches. “Folded in two it appeared to resemble a thick phone,” the outlet noted in its description of the device.

Lopez Research Analyst Maribel Lopez predicted the product would be expensive over the short haul: “We’re talking about brand new materials that have been made for this and also a new manufacturing process,” Lopez told Reuters.

The news comes after Samsung Electronics announced in August the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Watch, a smartwatch aiming to take on Apple and the Apple Watch. In a press release at the time, the South Korean electronics company said the watch comes equipped with a long-lasting battery, LTE connectivity and advanced wellness features and fitness tracking. The face has a rotating bezel and a variety of style options, including three new watch color finishes in silver, midnight black and rose gold.

DJ Koh, president and CEO of the IT and mobile communications division of Samsung Electronics, said in the press release at the time, “the new Galaxy Watch was designed for all lifestyles to help meet consumer needs, such as more efficient battery life to stay connected longer, and better wellness tracking to help users maintain their goals — we are delivering them with connected experiences, all at the touch of a wrist.”

The Galaxy Watch comes equipped with a heart rate monitor that provides breathing exercises, advanced sleep tracking and advanced fitness tracking features. According to Samsung, the fitness tracking automatically tracks six of the most popular exercises — walking, running, cycling, elliptical, training, rowing and dynamic workouts — and features 21 new indoor exercises from a selection of 39 activities.



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