Coke Debuts New Selfie Bottle

As the IoT proliferates, marketing teams are hopping on board. Most recently, Coca-Cola announced a new promotion that — well, let’s just say coke drinkers will have another lens to worry about.

Dubbed the selfie bottle, the base comes with an attached camera that automatically takes the coke drinker’s picture any time the bottle is tilted more than 70 degrees. The photo can then be shared to Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. That’s connectivity for you.

The selfie bottle is part of the Coca-Cola Summer Love campaign. It was designed by Israeli design and innovation agency Gefen Team. A majority of Coke’s consumer base are over 45, so this move might be a way to reach out to the coveted, tech-savvy millennial crowd — at least in Israel.

No word on plans for expansion to other markets, or if the selfie-bottle will stick around after this one campaign run. Though soft drink giants Coke and Pepsi alike have been scrambling to acquire millennial drinkers for awhile now — anyone else remember the song lyrics on-a-can promotion? Or Pepsi’s hip and with-it use of emoji.

Selfie bottles are just the next logical step in companies’ unending quest to secure some brand loyalty from the youths. Expect to see selfie Big Gulps and Pringles cans in 2017.