IoT Scoring Big In Pro Sports

There’s no doubt about it – the Internet of Things is transforming society, and pushing numerous industries toward groundbreaking levels of innovation and integration. The April edition of the® Internet of Things Tracker includes an interview with the Maryland Stadium Authority’s Jeff Provenzano about IoT’s impact on both Oriole Park and M&T Bank Stadium. The Tracker also includes a directory of 61 IoT players (including 10 new additions) and news highlights from throughout the IoT space.

While athletic venues of yesteryear may have offered fans little more beyond the games themselves, stadiums of the present – and future – are veritable hotbeds of technological sophistication. Not only is IoT being used in stadiums to enhance fan experiences through streamlined security programs, customized lighting systems and stronger cellphone reception, but it’s also improving back-end operations like point-of-sale processes and utilities management.

Of course, professional sports isn’t the only industry intent on harnessing the many possibilities of IoT technology. The April edition of the® Internet of Things Tracker, delivers the latest news and trends, in addition to a directory of 61 IoT players, including 10 new profiles.

Among recent notable news in the IoT space, Amazon and Capital One are teaming up to simplify digital banking through IoT by adding voice-activated banking capabilities to Amazon’s Alexa technology. IoT’s impact is also clearly visible in the retail sector, as exemplified by Adobe’s new “Store of the Future.” Located in Las Vegas, this proof-of-concept brick-and-mortar shop is meant to showcase the many applications of beacon technology. Meanwhile, within the eCommerce space, software-as-a-service company Shopgate recently announced that it will be using IoT integration to streamline the consumer journey.

Building a field of dreams through IoT

April’s Tracker cover story features an interview with Jeff Provenzano, Vice President of Facilities for the Maryland Stadium Authority, who oversees both the homes of the Baltimore Orioles and the Baltimore Ravens and has witnessed firsthand how IoT is a major game-changer for sports venues.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Since POS systems first started springing up in sports stadiums, arenas have become more and more connected in an effort to save teams and stadium operators money and give fans the best experience possible.

 One of the most important developments for teams has been the ability to more closely monitor energy and utility usage. Provenzano said that as the costs of utilities continue to rise, the need for information about how and where those resources are being used is more crucial than ever.

 “Water is becoming a commodity in certain parts of the country. Of all my utilities, I’m a nutcase for the water,” he said. “We just approved an extensive metering plan,” he said, which would track what sections of the stadium use the most water, electricity or other utilities, allowing Provenzano and his team to identify areas of concern or in need of improvement.


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