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Avanci Launches 5G Push After Green Light From DOJ

Avanci Launches 5G Push After OK From DOJ

Avanci, which has positioned itself as the tech clearinghouse for automakers and others looking to incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) in their products, is now rolling out a 5G automotive licensing program.

The Dallas-based company, which aims to serve as a hub between IoT manufacturers seeking access to key patents and 14 different automakers – including Volvo, BMW and Volkswagen – said in a press release that its new initiative will “enable patent owners and IoT and automotive companies to share 5G standard-essential wireless patents in a single license.”

The rollout comes on the heels of a decision by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to give Avanci a clean bill of health as it relates to potential antitrust concerns over its business model. The review by the DOJ’s Antitrust Division came at the request of Avanci.

“After soliciting input from a range of stakeholders in the automotive and telecommunications industries, including potential licensors and licensees, conducting an independent review, and considering our prior guidance and reviews of other patent pools, we conclude that, on balance, Avanci’s proposed 5G Platform is unlikely to harm competition,” states the letter from Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim. “Therefore, the Department has no present intention to challenge the Platform.”

Avanci’s 5G rollout mirrors earlier successful efforts in which the company “licensed the vast majority of the 2G, 3G and 4G cellular essential patents in a single agreement,” a move that helped pave the way for the incorporation of earlier generations of technology into the auto sector.

In addition to its agreements with car manufacturers, Avanci also has agreements with 38 wireless patent owners.

“Through our one-stop Avanci marketplace, we have licensed the vast majority of cellular standard-essential patents to millions of connected vehicles,” said Kasim Alfalahi, founder and CEO of Avanci. “5G will power the IoT to expand to many new categories of connected products. As we begin operating our first 5G licensing program for connected vehicles, we will continue to transform how patent licensing is done.”


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