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Apple OKs Epic Games’ European Store

Epic Games app and Apple App Store

Epic Games’ long-running legal battle against Apple has reportedly taken a new turn.

The Fortnite maker says the tech giant is holding back its attempts to launch a games store for Apple users in Europe, Reuters reported Friday (July 5).

Epic claims Apple has twice rejected documents the company submitted to launch its store, with Apple alleging that the design of some buttons and labels was too similar to those found on the Apple App store. Later Friday, Apple approved the launch after Epic Games made its allegations.

PYMNTS has contacted Apple for comment but has not yet gotten a reply.

Apple had agreed in March to allow Epic to establish a game store on Apple devices in Europe, following pressure from European Union regulators. The two companies have been at odds since 2020, when Epic sued Apple, claiming its 30% commission on in-app payments on its operating system were in breach of American antitrust regulations.

Apple proposed new changes earlier this year to its App Store policies to remain in compliance with the European Union’s (EU) recently adopted Digital Markets Act (DMA). The company said it was permitting alternative app stores on iPhones and the chance to opt-out from using the in-app payments system.

However, the company also established a “core technology fee,” something that chafed at some developers.

In June, Apple agreed to give its rivals greater access to contactless technology, thus avoiding a fine in the EU, per a report by the Financial Times.

Though the company did not comment on the report, it offered this statement:

“Through our ongoing discussions with the European Commission, we have offered commitments to provide third-party developers in the European Economic Area with an option that will enable their users to make NFC contactless payments from within their iOS apps, separate from Apple Pay and Apple Wallet.”

Apple is facing other challenges in Europe. Last month, the European Commission said it was charging the company after determining Apple was not complying with a rule that allows app developers to direct users to offers outside Apple’s App Store without charging them fees.

Apple is also facing a nearly $2 billion fine in Europe after the commission ruled the company was abusing its power in the streaming music space. Apple is appealing that fine.