McDonald’s New Special Sauce? McMetaverse, With 10 Trademarks Already Filed

McDonald's Drive-Thru

With over 39,000 eateries in more than 100 countries and territories, McDonald’s is making plans to go where no hamburger joint has gone before — the Metaverse.

To ensure its virtual real estate in the virtual universe that’s still 10 years in the making, the Golden Arches filed at least 10 trademarks for its name, logo, McCafe and the rights to various goodies, according to a tweet from Josh Gerben, a trademark attorney and founder of Gerben Intellectual Property.

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The virtual restaurant will offer real and virtual food that features home delivery, downloadable multimedia files for artwork, audio and video, nonfungible tokens (NFT) and merchandise. Another big feature will be concerts, something that’s already making headlines with major players weighing with plans.

The fast-food giant isn’t the only quick-service restaurant to gear up for the Metaverse. Panera Bread submitted a trademark application for a virtual cafe chain called Paneraverse, according to multiple reports.

Nike, Walmart and Sketchers, made similar filings in the past three months, according to Forbes.

“When you see this critical mass of large companies making this many new trademark filings, it’s very clear this is coming,” Gerben told Forbes.

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Gerben shared the Panera trademark information in a tweet on Feb. 8. Although not as in-depth as McDonald’s plans, Paneraverse is also planning entertainment, NFTs, virtual food and a point system that can be used to buy real food.

“I think you’re going to see every brand that you can think of make these filings within the next 12 months,” Gerben told Forbes. “I don’t think anyone wants to be the next Blockbuster and just completely ignore a new technology that’s coming.”

It can take about nine months for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to review a trademark application, according to JDSupra.