Sienna Systems Adds Board Member To Advise Slonkit Unit

Sienna Systems, the engineering company, announced Thursday (April 13) that Ninad Karpe, former MD and CEO of Aptech, has joined the board of Sienna Systems to advise its flagship brand Slonkit.

In a press release, Sienna Systems said Slonkit is India’s first money management app linked to a physical Visa card that helps young people learn the art of smart money management from a very early age.

As a director and strategic advisor, Ninad will enable Slonkit to augment its presence across India and further strengthen its position as India’s leading money management app for youngsters and children.

“Slonkit is an interesting and effective tool to help youngsters to manage money better. I think today there is no avenue for teenagers and youngsters to practice money management and budgeting and to become financially prudent. Slonkit fills this void very well and enables parents to let their children manage money by themselves while setting a few guide rails and offering the occasional friendly advice. Slonkit has ensured the highest standards of safety and security. The Slonkit card can be ordered from anywhere and can be controlled using the Slonkit mobile app. This makes it very convenient, appealing and a favorite money management tool for youngsters,” said Ninad in the press release.

Ninad brings in experience from the Edtech space and has been instrumental in making Aptech a global brand in IT education and training. Under his leadership, Aptech has expanded its footprint to 1,300 centers across 42 emerging countries.

Prior to that, he was the MD, India and SAARC countries, of CA technologies, a software services company. “Ninad is an industry veteran and has been instrumental in guiding brands like Aptech to global excellence. I am sure his strategic guidance and direction would be invaluable for Slonkit to further strengthen its position as the “go-to” brand for youngsters to learn money management and prepare for the future by practicing cashless transactions,” said Javed Tapia, founder of Slonkit, in the same press release.