Mobile Order-Ahead Apps’ Top Ranks Thin Out in August Provider Ranking

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Leading mobile order-ahead apps see the competition for the top spot dwindle in this month’s edition of PYMNTS’ Provider Ranking of Mobile Order-Ahead Apps.

With a proprietary combination of publicly available information and app usage data to which PYMNTS has access, we rank restaurants’ mobile order-ahead apps each month, letting you know which are getting ahead of the pack and which ones can’t quite keep up.

The Top 5

Domino’s PizzaTaco Bell and Starbucks held steady in the No. 1 spot, all scoring 96 points, but the four-way tie has become a three-way tie, with previous frontrunner Dunkin’ falling back down to No. 2.

Tied with Dunkin’ for No. 2 is Panera Bread, with both brands scoring 94.

Burger King remained at No. 3 with a score of 91, but where it was previously the only bronze medalist, it is now tied with Sonic, which has leaped up two spots from its No. 5 rank last month.

Chick-fil-A held steady at No. 4, scoring 90, but this month it is joined by Wingstop, which came in fifth last time.

McDonald’s kept its spot at No. 5 with 89 points, as did Pizza Hut, and Chipotle rose to join them, up from sixth place.

The Top 10

Papa John’s Pizza remained in sixth place, but its score rose from 86 to 87.

Sheetz held onto the No. 7 spot, retaining its score of 81.

Shake Shack remained in the No. 8 spot, with its score rising back up to 78 from 76.

Subway, previously tied for No. 8, slipped down to No. 9 but held its score of 76.

Closing out the top 10, Wawa kept its No. 10 spot, scoring 73, but the brand it was previously tied with, Jersey Mike’s, slipped down to No. 11.

Check back next month to find out if Dunkin’ can get back into the top rank — or, conversely, to see if more of the gold medalists will get demoted.