Not Your Father’s ACH … New Rules for Mobile Payments

Michael HerdIn this exclusive NEXTcast interview, David Evans sits down with Managing Director of ACH Network Rules for NACHA, Michael Herd.

Michael has been with NACHA for over twelve years and is currently responsible for managing the development of operating rules for the ACH Network. Recently, NACHA announced that its membership has approved a new rule on mobile ACH payments.

Listen to this exclusive NEXTcast interview for the inside scoop on NACHA’s new rule for mobile ACH payments.


Executive Bio: Michael Herd is the managing director of ACH Network Rules. He is responsible for managing NACHA’s function of developing operating rules for the ACH Network. The NACHA Operating Rules standardize payment formats for the ACH Network, and define the rights, obligations, and warranties of parties involved in ACH payments. Operating rules provide a uniform business and legal framework for the exchange of payments, which enhances participants’ confidence in the safety and reliability of the payments system. In addition to the rules, Mr. Herd is also responsible for the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) program, and NACHA’s reporting of ACH Network transaction statistics.

Mr. Herd joined NACHA in 1998. Prior to NACHA, he was an account executive at Bain & Associates, a communications consulting firm in Alexandria, Virginia.

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