Deep Dive into Durbin Deep Dive into Durbin:  David Evans will moderate a panel discussion with some of the country’s top business, economic, and legal experts on what Section 1075 of Dodd-Frank means for debit cards and what banks need to be doing now.  This free webinar will take place from 1:00-1:45pm EST on Wednesday, September 22nd.  You must pre-register for the webinar if you want to participate by contacting Jenn Rubin.

Speakers include; Tim Attinger, formerly Global Head of Product Innovation at Visa and now Managing Director of MPD, Steve Cole, former CEO and Founder of Cash Station; Dr. Thomas Durkin, former Senior Economist, Federal Reserve Board; and Professor Ron Mann of Columbia University who is a specialist in payments law and regulation. Dr. David S. Evans, a global authority on the economics of interchange fee regulation, will moderate the discussion. 

They will address key issues including the rulemaking process at the Federal Reserve Board, the economics of cost-based regulation, the ins and outs of the law, and most importantly what it all means for doing business and innovating going forward. Email Jenn Rubin to register.