Onebip: We Want To Change Mobile Shopping Experience

Onebip, part of Neomobile, is is a global mobile payment service With over 5 billion users connected to 250+ carriers in 70 countries, Onebip enables merchants to seamlessly monetize digital goods and services to their users on a global scale. It also provides users with a simple, secure and fast way of paying for their purchases via mobile without the need of a credit card or bank account.

Following Onebip’s partnership with Turkcell and the Turskish Football Federation for a mobile ticketing service we spoke with Massimiliano Silenzi, Executive Director of the company.

Onebip enables online merchants to charge their users via their mobile phone bill, without the need for cards. The company has a “very strong local presence, especially in Southern Europe and Latin America” which enables them to have “very strong connections and direct relationships with the mobile operators, which is, in the end, one of our core assets,” Massimiliano explains.

Speaking of their partnership with Turkcell and the Turkish Football Federation the Executive Director was very enthusiastic about Turkey and its mobile landscape. “Turkey was for Onebip one of the countries that has most inspired us in the mobile payments sector, because it is really a very advanced market”. The project with the two Turkish partners is the first one of its kind and is working as a sort of pilot for a “much wider scale” project in Turkey.

Talking about future projects, Massimiliano explained that Onebip was focusing on experimenting on different user experiences to bring a smooth and swift mobile payment experience. “This project here in Turkey, m-ticketing, is one of the key projects for us to understand how the user interacts with the mobile handset and how we can improve the payment experience.”

To hear Massimiliano Silenzi on Onebip’s upcoming projects, the European market and more, listen to the podcast below.


Massimiliano leads the global operations of Onebip in his role as Executive Director of Mobile Payment at Neomobile. Onebip, part of Neomobile, is a global mobile payment service that offers its partners the best user experience and the most advanced mobile billing technology. Massimiliano joined Neomobile in 2007 as Strategy and Business Development Manager where he also managed the group’s corporate communications team.

Prior to joining Neomobile, Massimiliano managed the Marketing Strategies department at Enterprise Digital Architects, a spin-off of Ericsson specialising in the design, development and management of ICT and New Media solutions. He also previously worked in the Technology Innovation team at Telecom Italia Mobile.

Massimiliano graduated with an MSc in Marketing Management and holds a PhD in Business and Finance Management from the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’.


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