Digital River Prepares For Russian eCommerce Growth

Digital River has announced the opening of a new office in Moscow, Russia, reports the company in a press release. Digital River has worked with Russian developers since 1998, and helped them to sell and provide software internationally.

The new office will include client support to help with online sales and managing risks in Russia. Digital River hopes the new office will support the future growth of Russian eCommerce, which has been predicted to triple by 2016.

John Strosahl, EVP at Digital River, said, "Our move into Russia is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to this high growth eCommerce market. Managing eCommerce operations in Russia requires a deep understanding of local buying behavior, fulfillment requirements and legal regulations. Our on-the-ground presence serves as the entrée we needed to more effectively open this notable sales region to multi-national companies that otherwise would find operating an eBusiness in Russia to be cost-prohibitive and risky from a legal compliance perspective."

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