EMT pushes NFC In Estonia

EMT, a mobile network in Estonia, is pushing its customers to use NFC, by making NFC tags available in all its shops across the country.

Since 2011 the mobile operator, in partnership with other national actors, has been carrying out an applied study on NFC technology, “with a purpose to develop and implement NFC in many different information systems in Estonia.”

Right now the operator has 22 NFC-equipped mobile phones in its portfolio - with 20,000 in circulation already. The new tags aim to further promote the use of the technology. To use the tag, a customer simply needs to stick it on their smartphone and download EMT’s NFC Starter app, available for Android devices.

The promotion is being carried out ahead of a mobile payments trial to be launched in the spring, in partnership with Estonian banks. EMT has also announced that, by the end of the year, they will be rolling out a mobile wallet.

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