Leak Reveals Uber's $213M In Annual Revenue

Mobile on-demand car service Uber has had images of its internal dashboard leaked to the press, revealing that the company may be pulling in as much as $213 million in annual revenue, TechCrunch reported.

The snapshots, rumored to depict authentic Uber data, were leaked by Valleywag, an affiliate of Gawker. TechCrunch followed up with Uber, and the company did not deny that the screenshots were official.
The numbers, showing a five-week business period, indicated that the company achieved 11 percent revenue growth during that time, and that 398,000 new users signed up over the period, an average of 80,000 per week.
Uber’s apparent success comes on the heels of recent comments by Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, who has suggested that app experience is more important than the actual act of payment in mobile wallets For more on this story, click here    

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