‘Twas The Night Before Christmas…And I Needed To Shop

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the mall
There were shoppers with gift lists both lengthy and small.
They all had their smartphones with apps all a-glow,
Swiping through coupons and points on the go.

The registers chimed and the code-scanners rang,
The shopping carts jingled and loudspeakers sang.
I stood in a line on the mall’s second floor,
My credit card ready for spending some more.

But the crowd kept on growing while outside was snowy.
The line for the check-out was moving too slowly!
Away to my smartphone I looked like a flash,
Clicked open my store app and flipped up the dash.

A message from Macy’s about a new deal
A huge cut in price for a bracelet–a steal.
Knowing my wife would love such a gift
I dropped what I held and ran on feet swift.

I ran down the stairs like a sleigh on a slope,
Ran past the kiosks with a heart filled with hope.
I took out my smartphone and checked out the map,
then corrected my course with a flick and a tap.

The inside of Macy’s was a scene from a zoo.
The shelves seemed as if a tornado came through.
But there in the counter, the bracelet shined bright–
Diamond encrusted with a price that’s just right!

The cashier scanned my phone and gave me my prize.
I slipped out the exit to the garage outside.
So happy I was that I let out a cheer:
“Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy New Year!”


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