Amazon's New Make An Offer Idea

Don't like the price on something on No problem. Just offer Amazon a lower price and see if they go for it. This program, set to be announced Tuesday (Dec. 9) and called "Make An Offer," limited to "one-of-a-kind" items such as collectibles and art, according to a Wall Street Journal story.

The program "allows sellers to accept or reject bids on items like a currently-listed $449 Seattle Seahawks jersey signed by quarterback Russell Wilson. The new option could help sellers move items that they didn’t price competitively, for instance," the story noted.

Amazon said that sellers would have three days to respond to these private bids and to make counteroffers. "The company says about 150,000 items are eligible under Make an Offer including fine art, sports collectibles and coins, representing a small fraction of the millions of goods it sells on its site today," the Journal said.

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