Defense-Platform Provider Launches Hacking Monitor

Cybereason, developer of an automated cybersecurity defense platform, has launched an new enterprise-level fraud-monitoring system designed to “uncover the operation and stop it in its tracks.”

The startup is pitching its solution on the basis that companies should focus on information gathering instead of outright deflection of attacks, Cybereason’s vice president, Mark Taber, explained in an interview with TechCrunch.

“Malware can be a part of a malicious operation, [but] we’re really looking at a series of things that a hacker or hacking operation would do to accomplish their end goal,” Taper remarked about the Cybereason offering. “We’re looking for minute traces [of hacker activity]… to uncover the operation and stop it in its tracks.”

New approaches to cyber security are emerging in the wake of the Target breaches, as predicted by Market Platform Dynamics CEO Karen Webster in a recent commentary. Get her thoughts on this ever-evolving situation by clicking here.

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