eCommerce Healthcare Platform Makes Pricing Transparent

PokitDok announced Thursday (Dec. 4) updates to its e-Commerce healthcare site aimed at reducing the burden on consumers and wellness providers by providing a comprehensive site for price comparison and service listings.

The upgraded site allows for a one-stop shop to find localized prices for healthcare procedures, appointment booking, speciality search and options to find support for real-time flexible payment options. The site also offers an accessible and efficient system for consumers to pay the co-pay and out-of-pocket cost at anytime online during an appointment booking.

"Whether it’s scheduling appointments or assessing insurance coverage before I see a patient, PokitDok’s latest enhancements relieve our practice of administrative burdens, so we can spend more time delivering care,” Dr. Linda Li, a Los Angeles-based plastic surgeon said in a PokitDot company news release. “On PokitDok, I can see what my colleagues are charging for surgery and then determine if our practice’s fees are in line with the market. And, my patients can come to my office strengthened with the knowledge of what I can do for them and a sense of what it’s going to cost. No patient wants to leave the doctor’s office wondering how big the bill will be when it arrives in the mail weeks later."

The growing trend in retail e-Commerce for the healthcare field allows for consumers to get quotes for a procedure or service at the click of a button based on a single request. They can compare out-of-pocket costs and insurance premiums without having to question each individual provider. PokitDok’s new site also gives providers a more seamless online option to work with their patients when dealing with purchasing healthcare options.

"U.S. healthcare consumers are recognizing their growing roles in decision-making and paying for health care,” Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, Health Economist, THINK-Health, said in the news release. “Like eBay for goods and Kayak for travel, PokitDok gives consumers the real cost of care for medical services based on the current day and date, and not based on historical claims data. With more financial skin in the game, consumers are proactively choosing treatment options where they get the most value. Health providers who will survive will respond to this inevitable consumer-driven retail environment."


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