Facebook To Tell Advertisers How Often Ads Convert Users Across Devices

Facebook will be giving its advertisers a new peek into ad efficacy with the release of a new report that will shows when and how often advertisements push users to complete a purchase on a different web-enabled device.

By combining the use of the Facebook Conversion Pixel, which follows desktop conversions and data via mobile apps that use the Facebook SDK, Facebook claims that going forward advertisers on their sight will be a view into the number of consumers that first clicked an ad on a smartphone but then actually finished the purchase on their desktop.  The program will also break down what type of device—iOS or Android—that users went to and from to enable and make their purchases.

Early findings include the fact that around one-third of mobile Facebook users who showed interest in an ad went on to complete their purchase on a desktop in 28 days.

Facebook entered into a minor scuffle with Gallup earlier this year, when the organization implied that for all the dollars businesses spend on social media advertising, the pay-off just isn’t there in terms of conversion. At the time Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responded their internal data said otherwise—particularly when looking across the entire mobile-desktop ecosystem.

With the release of this new report, it seems Facebook is taking a direct step to give their advertisers (and the public) a peak into that data.