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iOS Bug Makes It Impossible To Swipe Cards

With the release of the iOS 8 yesterday came the launch of the first major bug in iOS 8.  An email from customer service sent from Pay Simple yesterday alerted users that there is a widespread functionality problem in iOS8 that makes swiping credit cards impossible.

Those using Apple devices as mobile points of sale will still be able to take payments, according to Pay Simple’s note, but all transactions will need to be manually entered.

“If you have already updated to the new iOS – please be aware that you will not be able to swipe credit cards. You will be able to take payments and set up payment schedules, but all transactions will need to be key-entered,” according to the notice.

Pay Simple advices merchants who have not upgraded to iOS 8 yet to hold off on doing so until the issue has been resolved, as the ability to swipe cards in versions 6 and 7 remains unaffected.

The PaySimple Development team also notes that it is actively working on a fix for the app. Their internal estimate is 2 weeks for the release to be complete and live in the App Store.