Locqus: The Contractor’s Answer To Uber

A Detroit-based firm called Locqus is launching a mobile app designed to support small businesses—along the lines of “plumbers, handymen and landscaping companies”—to coordinate jobs and payments with customers.

“After 18 months of development and securing $2 million in funding, the Detroit-based company is today launching its platform with the hope to, as a co-founder said, ‘uberize the service industry.’ Think of it as a field management tool in the cloud aimed at small and medium-sized service businesses such as plumbers, handymen and landscaping companies,” said a TechCrunch story. “It’s Locqus’s goal to bring modern technology to a father and son industry stuck in the father’s era.”

The app processes customer payments and features a Web interface with customer tracking and employee management. “Managers can assign jobs to employees through the web interface and the field tech can accept and invoice the jobs from the apps,” the story said.

There is no charge—at least not initially—for tracking as many as two groups of 20 employees each. “However, to gain access to SMS customer alerts and payment processing, it will cost $12 per user.”

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