B2B Payments

New Platform Connects Cooks And Local Food Suppliers

Sourcery, an online wholesale food supplier director and payments processor, wants to change the way restaurants manage their kitchens and free them from the shackles of paper.  The company has raised $2.5 million in seed funding and is planning to take its show on the road, out from San Francisco to the world at large.

Instead of ordering from catalogues and paying by check, over the phone, or by fax, Sourcery gives kitchen managers a digital option with  a searchable directory of what’s available in the area and the associated prices, reports TechCrunch. 

The web-based application also handles payments at order time and comes with analytics about order history. Sourcery also accommodates businesses that aren’t ready to digitize all of their accounting, letting customers export data as a traditional invoice.

With its new seed funding, the company is now looking to expand to New York, L.A. and Portland in early 2015. The company is also working to add the 55 or so businesses on their wait list currently in San Francisco.

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