RBS Tech Glitch Leaves Credit And Debit Card Disabled

Shortly after being fined around $87 million for a tech meltdown, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) followed up with a spectacular second act with a second glitch that left a large number of their credit and debit cards totally disabled.

Some RBS, NatWest and Ulster Bank customers had issues using their Visa cards in-store and at ATMs, however, the issue was short lived and fixed before 9:30 AM local time in the U.K.

The timing could have been better, has the day before this latest glitch, the Financial Conduct Authority smacked the bank with a huge fine over its 2012 IT meltdown, which locked millions of customers out of accounts and knocked out payments processing systems.

“RBS and other banks have told us that they are now ‘investing heavily’ in systems on which their customers will be able to rely. Events will tell us whether they have done enough,” warned Andrew Tyrie MP, chairman of the treasury committee.

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