News Rolls Out New Mobile Dashboard

Today, announced its mobile app would now run its reports and dashboard tool. The product aims to give salespeople access to various pieces of pertinent information while they’re in the field and on-the-go.

Previously, Salesforce1 customers could use the desktop program for similar functionality, but given the relatively small amount of time salespeople spend at desks, it is vastly preferable to offer information on income streams, lucrative opportunities and data mapping while they are on-the-go.

“The way we think about it is that every action should be an informed action. Information is critical to making the right decision,” Anna Rosenman, director of analytics at Salesforce said, reports TechCrunch. “And the information is in the data, and SFDC is giving sales people to access to this data on a device they have with them all the time.”

Roseman says that the Salesforce goal with the new rollout is to make sure access to the data that matters is available for each user from a mobile device.

The product also includes APIs that can tap into the third-party products and bring in data from third-party sources. SAP’s billing tool is an example of this. Further, Salesforce can export and embed its data into a third-party app.

The new product is currently only available on phones, although there are plans to expand into tablets going forward—the company looked to start small and scale up to larger screens.

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